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Build AUR Packages in a Docker Container

15 December 2016

I switched back to Arch Linux, partly because of the amazing Arch User Repository (AUR). I use yaourt as my AUR helper. We will use my Arch Linux Docker image with yaourt included to sandbox the whole process of building a package from a PKGBUILD. We mount a directory pkgs under our current working directory at /var/cache/pacman/pkg in the container to store the built packages and all necessary dependencies. yaourt will keep a copy of all downloaded packages in said directory. We also tell yaourt to export the built packages there. Since yaourt will let us edit the PKGBUILD and *.install files, we need to specify an $EDITOR. The last argument is the name of the package to be built, in this example the simply wonderful Lumina desktop environment.

docker run -ti -v $PWD/pkgs:/var/cache/pacman/pkg -e "EDITOR=nano" heichblatt/archlinux-yaourt yaourt -Sy --export /var/cache/pacman/pkg lumina-desktop

This way, if you miss any malicious commands in the scripts being run during the build, the damage gets contained in the ephemeral container. I’ll leave it to the reader to find further ways to secure the container. What’s more, you could even write your own wrapper around makepkg and put it in your yaourtrc.