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Presentation: Stereotypes in Whiskey Advertisement

01 July 2012

I am sure you have noticed the new repo and my first steps towards my next presentation. It is pretty amazing: I managed to start more than three days before the actual date. One problem so far is the gap between the topic of the seminar (“Transatlantic Migrations”) and my presentation. To be honest, I did not think too much before choosing this particular subject. But here’s my reasoning why it is relevant to the module at large:

  1. Let’s go cultural studies It is hard to define the position of the seminar between cultural studies and history and politics, it draws from both. Personally, I found the former much more interesting because it sheds light on the larger picture, the connections on abstract levels. I find the fabric of our culture more interesting than the story of how it (the culture) came to be.
  2. Stereotypes are valid subjects of cultural studies While being dangerous, they also help to make sense of things and function as shortcuts. They also often center around nationalities.
  3. Whiskey ad producers often use national stereotypes Since the countries most closely connected to Whiskey already have strong and well-defined stereotypes and connotations attached to them, it makes sense to use them to draw a very straight line from, say, whiskey to Ireland to Irish nature to purity.

As my devoted followers will undoubtedly have noticed, these thoughts are pretty half-baked so far. But then again, I honestly see a valid argument in the material.

Update My professor has given me permission to proceed with this project. One week to go.

Update 2 I held the presentation and got a 1,3.

Update 3 The final version is here.

Update 4 I am thinking about writing an (optional) essay about the topic, started a repo. We’ll see.