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My Bachelor Thesis

09 December 2012

I found my first reviser for my bachelor thesis. It is Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwend and I’m very relieved he accepted. Hopefully, I will find my second reviser next week so I can finish the registration until 18 December.

The thesis will fall into cultural studies. There is no concrete (as in written in stone) question yet but the direction has become very clear during the last few weeks.

I want to survey the anti-islamic movement within the New Right. Specifically, I want to give a short overview of the scenes in the UK and Germany and subsume them under the overarching model of Group-Focused Enmity developed by the Institut für interdisziplinäre Konflikt- und Gewaltforschung at Bielefeld University.

I’m still in the process of developing a detailed outline but one thing is as sure as can be at this point: I want to tackle this project with the familiar tools from software development. There is a public Github repository that holds the public branch of my Git repository. There will be monthly point releases, then two release candidates before the final version at the beginning of June. Task management is done in Redmine. The resulting document will be written in LaTeX and bibliography will be managed in BibTex.

Wish me luck as I tend to need it. The motto is: Hoc age. Hora fugit.

Update: Rita Singer will be my second reviser.

Update: I handed in the registration form. It’s official now, folks, and the baby has a (vaguely phrased) title: The Anti-Islamic Movement within the New Right