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Bachelor Thesis Update

12 August 2013

I handed in my bachelor’s thesis on 8 August 2013.

I am not satisfied with how it turned out contentually. Maybe I am expecting too much, probably not. I somehow managed to fill the necessary number of pages but not answer all the questions I wanted to answer, let alone touch on all the aspects I had in mind. It has been said before and slowly I’m beginning to admit it: the topic was more suitable for a master’s thesis, the subject is too broad.

It was fun, though. I enjoyed writing for longer periods of time and being able to immerse myself in work. I ended up using different tools than expected. Redmine turned out to be too much for a one-person project so I dropped it quite early on. A TODO file in my repository proved to be sufficient. LaTeX and BibTeX were great. Despite wanting to publicly work on the text and keep it in a public GitHub repo, I used a private one. Somehow the pressure of instantaneously publicizing my advancements kept me from writing. I switched to Eclipse + EGit + TeXlipse at some point. Despite a feeling of this being completely overblown, the combination provided useful integration of the various tools. I particularly enjoyed the way Git is integrated and presented visually, EGit is simply amazing.

Now we wait, exam regulations say it may take up to six weeks to get my result. I enjoyed my first weekend after the storm.

Keep your fingers crossed, people.

Update: It passed. Only five ECTS points to go.